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May 13th, 2020, USA Volleyball released a statement regarding Return to Play Guidelines for members of the volleyball community that included region leaders, club directors, club members and families. As part of this announcement, USAV will be resuming sanctioning of activities on May 18th, 2020. While this is the USAV stance, we are still held to state and local guidelines for reopening.

Upon reopening, we will be following the guidelines below. We ask that both players and their families follow these guidelines in order to minimize the potential risk of exposure and keep our teams and faculty healthy.

Team Practice Guidelines

1.       No more than 7 teams will be allowed to enter the gym and conduct practice at the same time.

2.       Only Texas Assault faculty and players will be permitted to enter the gym during practice times.

3.       Each individual in the gym must wear a mask upon entry and exit. Faculty and anyone not participating in practices will be required to wear a mask for the duration of time they are in the gym. Players will be able to remove their masks during practice only.

4.       Upon entry to the facility, each individual will have their temperature taken and answer a set of screening questions. Individuals who exhibit symptoms related to COVID-19 or a fever of 100 F will not be permitted to enter the facility.

5.       All individuals entering the facility must use the ramp entrance, maintaining the recommended 6 ft. distance from other individuals. All individuals exiting the facility, must use the front entrance by the stairs.

6.       Faculty and players will be required to wash their hands before and after each practice.

7.       Each court will have a dedicated cart of volleyballs.

8.       The faculty will be required to clean all volleyballs, benches, and additional surfaces used at the end of each practice session.

9.       Practices will end 15 minutes early to allow time to sanitize equipment and minimize overlap of teams in the gym. No teams will be allowed to enter the gym until their designated practice start time.

10.   Additionally, no more than 2 individuals will be allowed to enter the restroom at the same time.

The NTR region currently plans to resume the remaining tournament schedule in the month of June. USAV has provided guidelines for tournaments in the Return to Play Guidelines document. Once we have received confirmation from the NTR region we will share this information with you.


To read the full USA Volleyball statement, click here





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